5 Benefits of Argan Oil - Morocco's Best Secret

Argan oil, native to the deserts of south-Morocco, entered the beauty scene and quickly garnered a huge fan base. It has been labelled as nature’s ultimate beauty product, which leaves many wondering if argan oil is good for your hair as well? And the answer is YES!

For centuries, argan oil has been used by Moroccan women in their daily beauty rituals. They used to meticulously extract argan oil from the kernels of the fruit from the argan tree, and apply it generously on their hair, skin, nails, and even use it in cooking. The dry desert heat can be harsh, but Moroccan women were well-versed with the benefits of argan oil and used it to protect their hair and skin from the brutal rays of the sun. This is how they managed to look young and vibrant despite the harsh weather conditions.

What makes argan oil good for hair is that it is rich in antioxidants, phenols, omega-6 fatty acids, carotenes, and vitamins A, C, and E. If you use the right extraction method, it becomes easier to retain 80% of the unsaturated fatty acids and you will have the opportunity to use pure argan oil for your hair. Moreover, this even makes it more resistant to oxidation than olive oil.

Here are five incredible things that argan oil does for your hair:

  1. Restores moisture and shine

Oiling your hair to moisturise it can make it appear greasy and unflattering. This is why argan oil is preferred, which does not have any such side effects. The vitamin E and fatty acids present in argan oil deeply nourish your hair and lock in the moisture. The result? Silky, shiny hair that’s easy to brush and maintain.

  1. No more frizz or flyaways

A major benefit of using argan oil for hair is that it makes your hair appear shiny by creating a protective sheath around the hair shaft. That means no more frizz, no more split ends, and no more flyaways.

  1. Promotes hair growth

Using argan oil for hair loss is not a new phenomenon. It has phenols that support and strengthen your hair follicles. Moreover, the antioxidants in argan oil promote cell production while its vitamin content makes your skin and scalp healthy.

You can use argan oil for curly hair as well since it is easily absorbed and can nourish your hair without making it look greasy. So, massage argan oil into your scalp to get rid of scalp issues and promote the growth of healthy, thick hair.

  1. Nourishes your tresses

A prime reason to use argan oil for your hair is because it contains essential oils and fatty acids that give it the power to restore and repair dry, damaged hair. In addition to this, argan oil keeps your hair soft and supple by nourishing it deeply.

  1. Superior protection against environmental damage

Your hair goes through a lot of struggle - heat from regular styling, salt from sweat, and harsh UV rays from sunlight. The result? Dull, damaged hair that’s thirsty for moisture and some TLC. To reverse the damage inflicted on your tresses by the environment, use argan hair oil. Rich with antioxidants, it protects your hair from heat, salt, and other toxins present in the environment, and keeps it healthy and beautiful.

Our love for argan oil stems from our desire to add something “real” and something “authentic” that goes beyond labels on a pack. In a world where some are caught up in fake filters and artificial sweeteners, we strive to find something as real as the Moroccan argan oil which has firmly carved a niche for itself in the women’s beauty ritual. This is reflected in our Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan Oil of Morocco range that is free from parabens and colorants. Embrace the power of nature with our argan oil hair products and set your hair free.

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Press pause on your busy life and revel in the invigorating scents of real botanicals. This will lay down the right mood for the day and give you the zest to experience everything nice that awaits you. Take on the world, it is as simple as washing your hair.

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.