3 golden rules for oiling your hair

For any busy woman, keeping your hair vibrant and beautiful every single day can seem like the ultimate hassle, especially when an impromptu trip to the salon can seem like a quick, easy fix.

From time immemorial, women have been mystified and delighted by the power of oils as a beauty ingredient, so it is no wonder hair oils are so popular. Hair oil is an infallible companion to beautiful and strong hair. Not only that, it smooths, detangles and helps fight frizz.

Environmental aggressors such as sun and pollution, combined with blow drying, coloring and styling, compromise natural amino acid levels in the hair causing weakness, split-ends and increased risk of breakage. We can minimize this damage by nourishing and protecting our hair strands with oils.

Often the success of hair oil depends on the application, measurement and ingredients which can make the difference between fail and holy grail. Here, indulge in tips that guarantee a perfect result, every time:

1. Start small.

Begin with one pump the first time, then add a pump each time until you get the desired result. After a few applications, you’ll notice hair strengthening as there will be lesser *hair fall due to breakage. You will also know your own magic number for high shine and deliciously fragrant hair.
Try the NEW Herbal Essences’ hydrating Potent Aloe vera Hair Oil Mist collection, a dual-phase light mist spray that deeply hydrates and nourishes dry hair and helps detangle curly hair, making it smooth and easily manageable. No need to rinse out!

2. Opt for natural.

Oils infused with plant-based ingredients such as Aloe vera, Argan Oil and Coconut are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that your hair needs. The two new Herbal Essences hair oil mists are made of real botanicals that are endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, a world leading expert on plants.
Using Real Aloe vera that is hand-picked, sustainably sourced from Mexico. Moreover, Argan oil is packed with moisturizing and nourishing properties and coconut gives hair sheen, strength and health.

3. Apply frequently and easy.

Hair oil mist can be applied directly on the hair, on wash or non wash days, damp or dry hair, on the go, in 3 steps, shake, spray, and tame the frizz.
Restore the beauty of your dry hair or tame your frizzy hair any day and as needed - even multiple times a day. Activate this dual-phase oil by shaking the hair oil bottle well and spray your damp or dry hair to tame any flyaways and frizz.

As part of the Potent Aloe collection by Herbal essences has been mindfully created, the bottles are 100% recyclable (except for the oil pump, discard separately), made up of 25% recycled plastics and is PETA cruelty-free certified.

From improving dry scalp and frizz issues to adding shine and protecting against damage, natural oils offer a green way to care for your hair. Herbal Essences’ oil mist is infused with hand-picked, sustainably harvested Aloe vera, authenticated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. They will leave your hair hydrated and refreshed. This collection includes products for frizz control, curl defining, hair strength, scalp balance, and deep moisture.

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.